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How to Get to
Isla Cuale

How to Get to Isla Cuale

There are multiple ways to get to the island. The island is on the Cuale River in between Zona Romantica and Centro. The island spans from the east side of Zona Romantica to the beach.

From the Malecón

If you are walking on the Malecón along the beach, you will find a staircase that leads you down to Oscar’s Restaurant. Travel along the path to get to the rest of the island.

From East Zona Romantica

If you are on the east side of town, you can get to the island from Aquiles Serdán street, between Aguacate and Jacarandas streets. There is a hanging bridge that will take you into the island.

From Gringo Gulch

To get to the island from Gringo Gulch, you can take the Puente Iguana stairs down to the island. This famous staircase is located on Cuauhtémoc street.